A Stitch in Time…

The Girl (and a few other folks) have said that I should start writing a little bit more about that other thing I do, specifically restoring and servicing vintage sewing machines, and doing most of the mending around here… I like to call it “welding with thread”.

Bike shops get a little quieter in the winter and this allows me the time to putter away with sewing machines and sewing projects.

The machine above is a 1954 Singer 191J with the J denoting that it was made in St Jeans. Quebec and it is a bit of an oddball that combines elements of the Singer 201-2 and 15-125. I really think that Singer had a bunch of extra spare parts and decided to use those to build what is a rather wonderful machine.

Unlike the 201 it is cast steel instead of aluminium and uses all the same head parts and geared motor but the undercarriage is identical to the Singer 15, it is a simple straight stitch machine that lays down a beautiful stitch as you would expect with a Singer from this era.

After I serviced and tuned it up I installed an LED lamp to replace the incandescent as these are brighter and cooler and based on a  30,000 hr run time it will never need to be replaced.

This machine goes through 6 layers of denim like it isn’t even there and it will sew whatever you can fit under the foot.

I have decided to sell this machine as I also have a Singer 15 and recently acquired a Necchi BF which are both straight stitch machines and am sure someone will really appreciate the Canadian made 191J as these are excellent machines for quilting and free motion work as well as general sewing.