Scrub a Dub…

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A Public Service Announcement…

Quite a few folks have asked me about hand cleaners and since my day job is working in a bicycle shop where I do a great deal of repairs and custom fabrication, the dirt and grease can get pretty thick. I also use a torch so my hands are also exposed to a little more heat.

Prolonged use of citrus cleaners irritates my skin and causes eczema so I have been mixing up a little coconut oil and brown sugar and add some tea tree oil to make the best hand scrub ever. 1/4 cup of sugar and 1/2 a cup of coconut oil is the basic mix, you can go 50/50 if you want a little more grit.

I add about 20 drops of tea tree oil.

I used to get those nasty splits in my fingers from constant exposure to metals and cold and since I started using this my skin has never been healthier. You can also use this as an all over body / face scrub and in our cold dry climate the coconut oil provides a nice skin barrier.

On a lighter note… I have had these old looking hands since I was 12.

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