Getting Bent…

Springtime in Alberta can be cold and snowy or bright and sunny, or a little bit of both… often in the same day.

With those sunny skies yesterday, I went on the first ride of the season on the Bike E recumbent which serves as my primary commuter since it puts less stress on my back and hip than an upright bicycle. I describe it as riding a lawn chair with pedals and it always gets notice and attention since recumbents are still fairly uncommon.

Bike E (1996 – 2002) was one of the most successful recumbent manufacturers of all time and had sold more ‘bents than everyone else combined during their peak and sadly, went out of business in 2002… the basic Bike E was and is a very solid and simple design that sold for a fairly reasonable price of $900.00 new.

It uses a dual drive rear hub that incorporates a 7 speed cassette and a 3 speed internal hub to give it 21 speeds and a very useable gear range, if the low gear was any lower I’d have to get off and walk and it idles along pretty nicely in that 25 kmh range with less effort than a diamond frame bicycle.


Since these spring time commutes will still see me coming home in the dark good lighting is a must and I have added a bluetooth speaker so I can enjoy a little riding music, it also boosts the hands free capability of the smartphone.


A little video… 🙂