They Call This Winter – Portland 2012

I snapped this shot while I was coming back from downtown Portland… I believe the temperature was around 50 F and the weather has been amazing throughout the time I have been here.

Donna and I have been busy catching up on the smooches and we had a wonderful Christmas together, we have been out and about a fair bit despite the ankle not working that well, and even found some time to do bike stuff with Shawn.

He gave me one of the best gifts ever in the form of a Carradice Pendle saddlebag which I have been using with the Raleigh 20 and will take back to Canada for those bikes that are bereft of racks. It holds nearly as much as one of my smaller MEC panniers and has a beautiful, utilitarian charm to it.

It completes the trifecta with the old Raleigh and the Brooks saddle too…

I will continue this a little later… it has been an interesting month.