Beating those Drums

kuwiedrum (2)

I retired my old Raleigh winter bike in the sense that, I found a nicer frame that fit me better and it says Kuwahara which always makes me happy.

After I pulled off the studded winter wheels I installed some single speed wheels but then came across a set of 650A wheels with drum brakes and a 5 speed freewheel and had a thought that the winter bike might do some double duty as a rain bike / commuter / beater with those drums.

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The nice thing about drum brakes is that they work well and are unaffected by all but the nastiest weather, are very easy to service, and usually don’t need to be overhauled until they hit 50,000 plus km.

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If the speedometer is any indication of mileage I probably won’t have to service these brakes for quite some time…

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I quite enjoyed the ride quality the 650A tyres offer and was most pleased with how well these 40 year old brakes work.