Moulton Mk2 !

Before I left for Portland, a good friend offered me a Moulton and for those who do not know what a Moulton is, they should go to: to see what Moulton is doing now and what they have been doing better than anyone since 1962.

What they do is build one of the best bicycles in the world, and one should not let the small wheels deceive you as these bicycles are real bicycles and strong performers that have set speed records. They are also the first fully suspended small wheeled bicycle and a marvel in design.

Dr Moulton was also responsible in helping to design Raleigh’s line of folding bicycles in the late 60’s before going back to developing his own models.

Last night I went over to my friend’s house to pick up the new Moulton, understanding that it was disassembled, and would need a little work. I should say that John Collier is a gem of a human being and not because he gave me this bike. He is a brilliant mechanic and teacher, volunteers his time to teach disabled kids how to ride, and does a great deal for the local bicycling community with the greatest humility.

When I got there all most of the pieces were nicely laid out on the floor for me to look at although one might find themselves a little distractedm as John has the most impressive collection of Moultons and has done some amazing restoration and custom work on them.

When this bike was new in 1965 it looked more like this…

So after loading it up on Stretch, my extrabike, I brought the Moulton home and hope to have it restored and rebuilt by the spring… will be refinishing the frame and rebuilding the 16 inch wheels with the alloy rims John generously provided.

I built Stretch in 2008 and this bike has served me well as a hauler of many things like bicycles and groceries and parts.

My goal is not to restore the bicycle back to it’s original upright utilitarian design but rather to make it into a replica of the high performance version with it’s Sturmey Archer 4 speed drive train.

John modeled one of his own Moultons after this bicycle and approves of the direction I wish to take with mine.